Route53 -WebSite hosting Example

AWS route53 hosted zone Example

We will look into hosting a website using Route53.
Precursor: Your domain can be registered with AWS Route 53 or with a different provider, but the servers like EC2 & RDBMS are hosted @ AWS. It is assumed that you already have registered domain like for say with

1) Go to Route53

2) Click on Create Hosted Zone, if you have already registered your Domain. Else Register a new domain(very simple step any where, just give the name and your address and payment details; Route53->Registered Domain->Register Domain, else godaddy or other providers.) and carry that name to set the hosted zones.

3) Enter your Domain Name:,comment = your website description, Type = Public Hosted Zone (for internet access)

4) Click on the Create Record Set; This is where your website will be linkedĀ  with your Ec2 instance and creates a link with Internet.

5) By default 2 Record sets will be created when you create the hosted zone (ie) NS & SOA.

6) Now Choose Type = ‘A – IPV4’ as below, this is were you EC2 IP address is linked with the above created hosted zone. Name =, leave the Routing policy to Simple. (If you change it , you may incur additional charge).

7) Next a Cname , so that anyone types, will be routed as www.yourwebsite name, value your to ‘A’ record value.

8) It is very important to copy all the NS: record values into your Domain Host service provider can be Route53 or godaddy or others, paste all the NS records under Name servers.

9) That is all needed to make your website public. Propagation may take few seconds.

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