Launch AWS EC2 Instance

In this post ‘How to Launch AWS EC2 Instance ‘ you will learn the very first step once you have got your AWS account activate (ie) to start your own EC2 instance even before creating IAM users.

1) Go to Services and click EC2  and click on Launch Instance

2) Choose your AMI

  Amazon Machine Image which comes with default OS and make your choice. For this example we will keep very simple and select Linux 2 AMI. Make sure you always have the Free tier Only checked.

3) You will see General Purpose t2.micro selected by default, if not choose the same and click on ‘Next Configure Instance Details’

4) Leave all the default settings, Network, Subnet , IAM role all plays a very important configuration later. But for now leave them to default value and click on ‘Add Storage’.

5) Storage:

Leave the storage to Default Volume type. Volume types are an important part of Storage services (Check storage services like EBS for more), for now we will leave it to default and click on ‘Add Tags’.

6) Create new tags to identify the usage and list it under resources as below. This is for easy tracking / identification.Next ‘Configure Security Group’

7) EC2 Secutity Group

Configure security group is a very important step.For now we can leave this to default. This is where all restrictions , permissions to other entities configured. Note by default Type= ‘SSH’ is enabled leave it as such which will allows to login to server by putty/shell and source = ‘’ meaning no restriction on SSH logins. Anyone can SSH who have the key(which will be generated below) Click Review and Launch.

Create Keypair for EC2

8) Review Instance Launch page will provide the summary of above setups.

9) Create a new key pair and give a name to it. This is used for logging into the instance. We can SSH the same using Putty.

10) Download the key pair and save it. Keep it very safe, if you lose it, you wont be able to SSH into your server.

11) Click on Launch Instance to Launch your EC2 instance.

Congratulations, you have now Successfully launched your first EC2 instance.


Now that you have Launched your Instance lets try to log into it.

1) Go EC2 Console find your just launched Instance.

2) After few seconds, all status checks passed.

3) Now generate your private key from the key pair which was generated rated as part of Part-1. Use Puttygen, load your key pair and save the private key.

4) Now open Putty and go to ‘Auth’ and select the above generated private key.

Putty into AWS EC2

5)  Copy paste your Public IP from the EC2 Instance console and enter the same in putty session. By default user name is ‘ec2-user’ and click on Open.

Log into AWS EC2

6) Give ‘Yes’ to security Alter and Viola your Instance is launched.



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