AWS EC2 Exam Questions Preparations

AWS EC2 Exam Questions Preparation

In this post you will learn specifically on AWS EC2 Exam Questions related preparations. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers and system administrators.

  • Instance Type –

    • General – These are mostly general purpose instances.
      • T2/T3 –  Burstable.
      • M3,4,5 – Fixed Performance.
    • Compute Optimized – Small or midsized applications.
      1. C2,3,4,5 – Choose when there is a need for More CPU than RAM
    • Storage Optimized
      1. H1,I2,D2 – Choose when lot of Storage is the requirement.
      2. For data warehousing, Hadoop and other data-intensive operations.
    • Memory Optimized – Main PROD applications or other Big applications.
      1. X1,R3,4,5  – For Database and memory caching applications which requires larger memory size.
      2. High on RAM is a requirement.
    • Graphic Intensified
      1. G2,G3,P2,P3 – For ML , Deep Learning & Other Graphic intense applications.
    • High Disk Throughput
      • F1 – For high end research applications.
    • Z1D – Frequency up to 4.0 GHz, the fastest of any cloud instance.
EC2 Instance Types

EC2 Instance Types

  • Placement Group – A placement group is a logical grouping of instances within a single Availability Zone.

    • Types – There are mainly 2 of them as on this date,
      • Clustered Grouping within single AZ for low network latency, high io – Use case of Big Data applications.
      • Spread – Placed in distinct H/W -Use case for a small number of critical instances but need to be separate from each other.
    • Existing instances cannot be moved into placement group.

AWS EC2 Exam Questions Tips:

  • Use Scheduled Reserved if the instance will be used on particular day/days of a week.
  • For longer duration, always choose Spot for cost saving. Can be sold in market place to recover cost incase.
  • How to make a Spot instance Data persistent.
  • Always prefer Spot, if the application can be interrupted or can be easily recovered or finish certain task which can tolerate interruption.
  • Public IP automatically allocated to a particular EC2 instance & IP is released back to Pool when stopped and restart provides different IP.
  • Private IP communication between servers, web server with db server or application server.This is used for interaction within stack.
  • Elastic IP Assigned to the a/c permanently.DNS can always point to this address. Can be moved from one server to others.Priced if not assigned to an instance.Static. Max 5 per a/c & region.
  • A Public IP cannot be converted into Elastic IP.
  • You would use the command curl to get meta data details.
  • Limited to running up to a total of 20 On-Demand instances across the instance family,20 Reserved Instances.
  • An instance profile is a container for an IAM role used to pass information to EC2.
  • Question & Answers are available Here.


  • How to move an EC2 instance from one region to another –> via custom AMI.
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