AWS AutoScaling Exam Preparation

AWS Autoscaling

AutoScaling : Scaling out(increasing number of instance) or Scaling in(decreasing number of instances) Instances based on demand and performance.

  • Cloud watch will be used to set it up.
  • Scalable Resources
    • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups
    • Aurora DB clusters
    • DynamoDB global secondary indexes
    • DynamoDB tables
    • ECS services
    • Spot Fleet requests

Exam Tips:

  • How instances are scaled-in or terminated,
    • Unprotected instances in the selected Availability Zone use the oldest launch configuration will be terminated first & closest to the next billing hour.It selects the Availability Zone with two instances
      • Select AZ with most instances
      • Select only unprotected instances
      • Select instance that uses oldest launch configuration and determine one nearest to billing cycle.
  • If we create a Autoscaling under one AZ, it will be available only under that AZ, So it should always be created under all AZ’s.
  • Target tracking scaling policies simplify how you configure dynamic scaling. When we are not sure or predict the volume.
  • Auto Scaling supports four plans:
    1. maintain current levels
    2. manual scaling
    3. scheduled scaling,
    4. dynamic scaling.


  • Create Launch Configuration & Autoscaling for both scale-out and scale-in scenarios.