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30-Dec-2019: AWS AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to exchange data in the cloud efficiently.

AWS Data Exchange Blog

26 NOV 2018: AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway to build a hub-and-spoke network topology. You can connect your existing VPCs, data centers, remote offices, and remote gateways to a managed Transit Gateway, with full control over network routing and security, even if your VPCs, Active Directories, shared services, and other resources span multiple AWS accounts. Easily build applications that span multiple VPCs and you can share network services across them without having to manage a complex network.

Machine Learning Free course from AWS

For Data scientist learning path

: AWS Autoscaling meets Machine Learning

Today we are making Auto Scaling even more powerful with the addition of predictive scaling. Using data collected from your actual EC2 usage and further informed by billions of data points drawn from our own observations, we use well-trained Machine Learning models to predict your expected traffic (and EC2 usage) including daily and weekly patterns, using predictive scaling which requires at least one day’s of historical data to start making predictions.

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Date:10-Nov-2018 , Tweet from AWS CTO: Werner Vogels

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