How to setup AWS Cloud9 IDE for python Development

POST:How to setup AWS Cloud9 IDE for python Development as well for php and Lambda

AWS Cloud9 is a fully integrated development environment. Where you can code, build, deploy and test your components. As of today it can be integrated with multiple AWS resources, open source code and other 3 party resources. In this post ‘AWS Cloud9 IDE for python Development’ we will setup and launch a phython supported environment

AWS Cloud9 IDE Supported Resource

AWS Cloud9 IDE Supported Resources

AWS Cloud9 IDE Supported Resources

Originally Cloud9 was an open source IDE and AWS acquired it in 2016 and integrated with AWS services. It works on top of an EC2 instance . You can either launch it newly as a or connected with an existing EC2 server. Cloud9 IDE can be accessed from a browser and works only via internet/online as of today.

Setting up Cloud9 IDE

  1.  You can select Cloud9 service from AWS services and click on ‘Create environment’.

Step1 Create Cloud9 Env

2. Name your environment or your workspace are per your conventions,

AWS Cloud9 IDE for python Development

AWS Cloud9 Environment Setup

3. Now you choose the EC2 instance type, very important to configure it to hibernate after 30mins for cost saving.

Step3 Create cloud9 Env

Step3.2 Creat Cloud9 Env

4. Review the configuration settings and click on ‘Create environment’.

5. Once your Environment is created it will automatically launch / ssh into the ec2 instance and you can click ‘create file’  to start the coding.

AWS Cloud9 Feature Page

6. You can as well parallely go to Service-EC2 instance where you can find an EC2 instance launched for your cloud9 IDE.

7.  Right Click on workspace/ environment – > New File and create the file of your choice and save it with appropriate extension for the IDE to automatically detect the run time environment.

8. An example for php file,

9. Here is an example for python execution using cloud9 IDE.

How to setup AWS Cloud9 IDE for phython php and Lambda

How to setup AWS Cloud9 IDE for phython php and Lambda

10. AWS Cloud9 also supports Server less integration with Lambda. You can fully develop, test and deploy the code from here. Also any existing Lambda function can be automatically imported from the side panel. You can check here for serverless implementation usecase.

11. Finally, You can delete the environment to cleanup all the resources created for could9 IDE as below.

AWS Cloud9 IDE clearn up


In this Post ‘How to setup AWS Cloud9 IDE for phython php and Lambda’ you should have learnt an example for building a python based application using AWS Cloud9. Similarly you may try for other list of supported languages supported @ AWS Cloud9. Also remember that you have cleaned up the environment to avoid unncessary costs.

You can refere to import AWS Services here.

You can refer my Blogs will have simples use cases using AWS various AWS Services.

In addition you can start building your application using cloud9 IDE @ AWS console – link here.

Happy Learning !!!

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