AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Cheat Sheet

Last updated:07-Feb-2020

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Cheat Sheet

In this post ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Cheat Sheet’ you will find topics which are considered to be important with respect to AWS Certified Solution Architect.

Import AWS Services. – This page contains i have put across all necessary services which are must know fo AWS Certification.

Blogs – In this post i have posted many examples and usages of various AWS services pratically.

Trending Topics:

  • VPC – When to use NACL,NAT and their difference to be clearly known,which servers need to be hosted in public/pvt subnet.How to block particular IP vs allow from a particular SG. When to use Bastion host.
  • ELB – More questions ALB and very recently 3 -4 on NLB
  • Storage : EBS,EFS -when to use, like performance, security, transfer, access by other EC2, encryption.
  • Instance types: EC2 (basically which one select for a given requirement).
  • Spot Instance: Couple of questions on Spot usage.
  • Sticky sessions (2 q) & AutoScaling (3 – 4 q).
  • S3 -> life Cycle policies (30days),Storage Gateway and Volume Gateway usage, S3 infrequent access – when to use,CRR,versioning and deletion. Multipart upload, S3 Encryption.
  • CloudFront – Access restriction, S3 Origins,GeoRestriction,signed URL’s.
  • RDS (AZ,Read Replica, Aurora endpoints)
  • DynamoDB : performance,DAX,hot vs cold tables,scaling,partition keys (3 -4  q).
  • RedShift (CRR).
  • Get a clear understanding and difference between AWS Inspector vs AWS Trust Advisor vs AWS Config vs AWS CloudTrail.
  • Kinesis(when to use firehose or data stream),Lambda with API Gateway combination,SQS.
  • ElastiCache and its encryption features,when to use Redis (3-4 q)
  • Types of Encryption especially Network level, What services comes with default encryption.
  • CloudWatch logs, when to use CloudTrail rather cloudwatch.
  • Conginto for 3rd party authentication,temporary credentials (2-3 q).
  • Route53 : Active active vs Active Passive, Geo based service.
  • When to use Athena, AWS Glue(ETL),
  • ElasticBeanstalk deployment methods( 2-3 q).
  • Fault tolerant architecture.
  • Aurora scaling, multi AZ & endpoints.
  • How to Improve data security using Redis Auth.

This post ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect Questions’ will be updated regularly by me once i get to know about questions or topics which are discussed above.

Finally, you may please Check exam Sample Questions page for complete list of questions & answers.