AWS Certification Preparation – A Road Map to AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Certification Preparation

In this Post ‘ AWS Certification Preparation – A Road Map to AWS Solution Architect Certification ‘ you will find all necessary learning paths which would ideally help in preparing for certification. In addition Exam question and answers as well provided for practice.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate – Career Path

AWS Certification Preparation

ACSSA certification Path


  • How to start the preparation.
  • What are the references we have.
  • What videos to watch.
  • AWS whitepapers and more
  • Similarly, you can as well refer to AWS resources / Path for AWS certification available @ AWS website here.

AWS Certification Preparation – A Brief

  • AWS recommends to have at least 1 year of hands-on.
  • I personally recommend at least 2 months of preparation, approx 2 hours/day, weekend bonus.
  • Recommend ‘A Cloud Guru course’ from Udemy or from the ‘‘. A big shout to Ryan he is a top notch in AWS certification training.
  • Try Whizlabs practice, only when 10 days before your scheduled Exam date. And you can try this more than one attempt, if you get near/above 90%, will give you confidence. But the actual exam will be more tough.
  • You can refer to AWS services for certification specific important notes, for more on exam references click here. – I update this section regularly.
  • Check my sample questions , which should give an idea about actual exam pattern and scenarios. As most of the questions are scenarios based and they look quite tricky. – I update this section regularly based on feedback & experience.
  • Some answers may look quite close to each other.So it is very important to understand what is the actual question is all about and are they asking about what type of optimization like,
    • Cost
    • Performance
    • Availability
    • Reliability
    • Security.

YouTube Channels

AWS White Papers

  • AWS White Paper (recommend to read these once you are aware of most of the AWS Services)
    • For all AWS white papers click here.
    • Recommend to read the AWS Cloud Best Practices.
    • This is a must read AWS Well Architected Framework . – This helps you to understand the pros and cons
      of decisions you make while building systems on AWS.

Most of the question falls within these pillars. I will recommend to read them through once you are comfortable with most of AWS services.

As part of ‘How to Prepare for AWS Solution Architect’ you can refer below white papers and they are a must.

  • Operational Excellence Pillar.
  • Performance Efficiency Pillar.
  • Reliability Pillar.
  • Security Pillar.
  • Cost Optimization Pillar.
AWS Well Architected Framework Pillars

AWS Well Architected Framework Pillars

  • You can make use of AWS free tier service for practice.For the full list of AWS services click here.


  • Important services, which are more likely to be tested in the certification exams.
  • Recommended to finish the Preparation before checking on these, as the notes here are more highlighted towards exam preparation and more (…)
  • In addition, you can refer to my BLOGS page, which carries simple use cases implementing various AWS Services.


  • Once your initial preps are complete, what next.
  • How the actual exam conditions will look like.
  • When should you decide to go for it and more.

Once you are done with your AWS Certification Preparation as per above pointers, now you should be having a fair amount of knowledge on AWS Services.

Practice Exams

Yes, Finally Practice exams. Revise the services again and then take a practice exams.There are lot of sites which provides free sample exams & some with paid. I would recommend to go for and exhaust all free exams and do go for some paid exams. Below are my recommendations,

  • Whizlabs
  • Qwiklabs

They give one exam free, with 65 questions and 2 hrs 10 mins. Same as original exam duration and close to actual exam pattern.

There are some many more assests available over the net. But taking these exams will give you a feel and close to actual exam and more importantly a confident builder.

If you are able to consistently score more than 85% in at least 3 sample exams, i think you are almost there. Reattempting the practice is still worth as you will again and again go through scenarios with different understanding than the first time.

Always check the questions original ask is it could be Cost effective solution or performance or availability or fault tolerant related, accordingly answers will change as some  of them looks similar but again depending on scenario they will change.

* Actual Exam *

  1. It is a full 2 hrs & 10mins with 65 Question. Time will be more than sufficient, i personally have completed in less than 1.30mins and thats the average time taken based on my interactions with others. Use the rest of the time to recheck the answers, i myself have correct more than 5 answers during the review/recheck.  You can always flag the questions, if you are not sure.
  2. There will be some questions which will require to select more than 1 answer, clearly specified and well marked and it will stop you if you have not answered all.
  3. Most of the questions will be scenario based and hence practice exams will really help us here.
  4. Once complete, the result will be made available immediately on your screen, though the marks split-up/transcript may take another couple of days and sent to your registered email.

AWS Sample Questions

  • To the best of my knowledge and experience, i have gathered some questions and answers.
  • I will be keep updating this section based on my experience Click here .

AWS Certification Preparation Conclusion

In Conclusion AWS itself suggests ‘ best preparation for certification is practical experience’, so more you practice the more it will be easier for you. Given the availability of AWS free tier makes practical hands-on more convenient. You may as well refer to  my BLOGS for hands-on i have performed for simple uses cases using various AWS Services.