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AWS Services and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Hello, glad that you have shown interest in learning AWS services and their offerings. More importantly how to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Certification.
The goal of AWS On Top is to be on Top of all AWS services or at least most important ones.  To understand the various services offered by AWS. There by enabling professionals who are seeking AWS certification even closer in achieving the highly sought after AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification. Of all cloud certifications, AWS Solutions Architect certification is the top rated certification. This site will add more value, if you have already have little awareness on AWS services, if not you can still learn them from here.

Cloud Computing – History

It is made possible by logically slicing a huge server. Typically a ‘bare-metal server’ which is a computer server by itself. These servers are purpose built for a ‘single-tenant’ . To make cloud computing possible this bare-metal server is cut across for multiple customers by a concept called Hypervisor. This allows one or more virtual machines to be served to each customer, through virtualization.

AWS a Brief

Every AWS AMI, Amazon Machine Image – is a special type of virtual appliance that is used to create a virtual machine within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2 . This uses the Xen hypervisor on bare metal to meet the virtualization.
Xen offers two kinds of virtualization:

  • HVM : Hardware Virtual Machine – VMs running on top of their hypervisors are not aware that they are sharing processing time with other clients on the same hardware.
  • PV : Paravirtualization – is a virtualization technique that presents a software interface to the virtual machines which is similar, yet not identical to the underlying hardware–software interface. You can typically notice HVM/PV while launching your EC2 instance.

What you can find in AWS On Top – all that is need for learning AWS Services and AWS Certified Solutions Architect preparation

  • Basics – What is Cloud computing, why we need them , their benefits. How AWS services meets these and more (…).
  • Please follow A RoadMap To AWS Solution Architect Certification – Associate for important AWS services. Also how you go about in preparing for certification. It covers how you need to prepare for examination, list of important or must know AWS Services and a Summary covering my experiences including exam duration, approach and other sum ups.
  • Please refer to Practice Exam Question & Answers. To get an idea on how the real exam questions would look like. I have drafted all these Q&A based on my experience. Click here for more.
  • Blog – is where i have started providing simple examples with screen shots and source code (in resources section) using AWS services . Most of them are eligible under free tier. How you can start using AWS services and how you go about integrating between them. How to do AWS Cloud Migration and so on.
  • AWS Now – This page will contain the Latest News, Announcements and Updates from AWS.

Which certificate is best suited for you ?

This is well explained by acloudguru check here.

This site itself is built using AWS services, for the entire architecture please refer to AboutSite.